Payroll processing inside your business is a time-consuming process. The direct costs of processing payroll can be greatly reduced by working with us. 

By partnering with HRM Solutions Inc. your company will:

  • Get timely and accurate payrolls

  • Achieve full payroll/government compliance

  • Improve security and reduce the risk of fraud

  • Receive greater support and information to make strategic business decisions.

Our Deliverables:


  1. We help improve your time-tracking systems and the unitization of labor resources.

  2. We handle all your employee payroll processing.

  3. We perform Direct Bank Deposits into employee accounts.

  4. We automatically file your payroll tax returns and deposit your tax obligations to the proper agencies (Inland Revenue and NIC).

  5. We provide you with flexible payroll and bank report generation.

  6. We provide you with itemized digital payslips.

  7. We assure you full statutory compliant processing and provide representation with all statutory bodies.

  8. We maintain and manage all employees’ payroll records.

  9. We provide all Year End reports for filing purposes (TD4/TD5, NIC, PAYE).

When we process your payroll we also provide a FREE HRMS platform for managers to view all employee payroll records/reports in real-time!

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