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  • Create and publish vacancies at any time

  • Access thousands of potential candidates within HRMS Recruit

  • Reduce paper, clutter and the transmission of illnesses

  • Shortlist, schedule, interview, evaluate and onboard candidates on a single platform

  • Get a PDF or CSV copy of employee details for HR & Payroll records

  • Can be integrated with the CUBE HR & Payroll System.

Click on the different tabs below to see how it works.

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Candidates Manager features all applications with an updated status. Easily filter applicants by status, search via name, or use the filter option for more search capabilities. The system allows employers to schedule interviews and receive attendance confirmation.  The View/ Update provides a full view of candidate details along with PDF Print/ Download option. 

Manage Candidates, Schedule interviews, Add Evaluation Scores, Add interview comments, download candidate information card.  

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Vacancy Manager allows employers to create vacancies and publish them within HRMS Recruit.  Once a vacancy is published all candidates within the platform can view and apply to each vacancy. The Multi-User Plan will allow you to assign managers to your vacancies, and the system will auto send all applications to your desired manager dashboard. 

All Candidates placed on Hired Status will be prompted to submit the onboarding details. Once those details are submitted, it will show in the Onboarding section of your dashboard. This allows you to view and export data for further processing within your company or to upload into CUBE Software.  

My Managers feature is available with our Multi-User Plan. This feature allow employers to create managers and assign vacancies and candidates to each manager. Managers will access our Manager portal where they can manage candidates and vacancies assigned to them. 

All Applicants section provides access to all applications submitted for your vacancies. This will list all applications that have not yet been given an application status of shortlisted, interviewed, hired, on hold, or respectfully declined. Search, sort, and filter through all applications. 

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Access a faster, better, easier way to manage hundreds or thousands of applications for your available vacancy.  This helps limit the hand to hand application process which also limits the risk of spreading COVID-19. 

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