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HRM Solutions Inc. also offers the following services that are specialized to new and growing businesses:


· Developing local HR Strategies

· Performing Audits

· Manpower planning

· Improving business communication


· Employment Contracts

· Policies & Procedures

· Employee Handbook

· Data Management


· Employment Law Advice

· Employee Discipline and Grievance


· Appraisal Schemes

· Performance Reviews and Personal Development Plans

· Training Strategy, Design and Delivery

New Posts
  • In many organizations employees are eager to take all their earned vacation days every year without fail. In some rare cases, organizations are happy to either pay an employee all or a portion of their accrued vacation earned “In Lieu” or allow employees to roll-over their vacation days year after year, leading to these employees accumulating a significant number of vacation days. This practice, although it may be convenient for an organization, could lead to financial and other troubles in the long run. Firstly, allowing a system of vacation pay in lieu leads to employees suffering from burn-out, causing a reduction in productivity. Secondly, allowing employees to be paid in lieu or to roll over their vacation year-after-year can have a significant unplanned financial impact if: the employee’s salary is increased the employee resigns or is terminated, as the pay-out would be significantly more (e.g. an employee who has accrued 30 vacation days at a current rate of pay of $10 would be entitled to $2400 vacation pay. If this same employee was given a salary increase the following day of $12/hr he would be entitled to $2880 outstanding vacation pay. An increase of $480 overnight. Tracking outstanding pay information although very useful for planning and budgeting can be quite onerous and time consuming if done manually with spreadsheets. By using the CUBE system employers can keep detailed records on all employees vacation earned and taken, as well as outstanding vacation balances and cost. Check out the features of CUBE's Leave Management Module.” Author: Perry Longville "Knowledge is Power. Let's share it!"
  • HRM Solutions is a full service payroll provider. By partnering with HRM Solutions Inc. your company will: · Cut cost and be more efficient as resources can be focused on core income generating activities. · Get timely and accurate payrolls · Achieve full government compliance · Improve security and reduce the risk of fraud · Receive greater support and information to make strategic business decisions OUR DELIVERABLES 1. We help improve your time-tracking systems and the unitization of labor resources. 2. We handle all your employee payroll processing. 3. We perform Direct Bank Deposits into employee accounts. 4. We automatically file your payroll tax returns and deposit your tax obligations to the proper agencies (Inland Revenue and NIC). 5. We provide you with flexible payroll and bank report generation. 6. We provide you with itemized digital OR hardcopy payslips . 7. We assure you full statutory compliant processing and provide representation with all statutory bodies. 8. We maintain and manage all employees’ payroll records. 9. We provide all Year End reports for filing purposes (TD4/TD5, NIC,PAYE) 10. We track and report on all Vacation, Sick and other personal time-off for your employees. OUR PROMISE · We promise to provide you with a faster, easier payroll service that drives towards comprehensive human resource management. · We promise to be accessible and available at all times. · We promise confidentiality and security of your company information.
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