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It's designed to streamline your organization's HR functions, enhancing efficiency and the employee experience. It also offers data-driven insights to support workforce management and guide your organizational strategy.

CUBE HR Module

CUBE- Employee Self Service

payroll and HR

Allowing employees access to view and/or edit their authorized personnel data.

payroll and HR

Employees can request vacation days and track their approval status and remaining balances.

payroll and HR

CUBE Employee Self Service streamlines processes and reduces the need for manual intervention.

CUBE HR Modules

Personnel Management

Summarizes data to deliver accurate and incredibly useful information. Store and retrieve employee information on the go.

 1. Managers can scan, upload, save and retrieve important documents online:

  • Employment contracts,

  • performance appraisals,

  • disciplinary letters etc.

  • health cards etc.

 2. Managers can tracks & report on all staff changes.

 3. Software provides up-to-date reports & notifications:

  • Probationary

  • work anniversaries

  • birthdays

  • professional certification, driver’s license health card renewals

 4. Managers can set user access and workflow controls to improve security, compliance, and workplace communication.

 5. Managers can choose to give employees access to view and/or edit their personal information online.

 6. Managers have access to numerous personnel reports.

personnel manager

Leave Management

Get instant access to leave costs, sickness trends and other vital information. Cube automatically tracks outstanding employee vacation, sickness, and other time-off without the need for complicated spreadsheets.

Vacation Leave:

  • Using a simple dashboard, managers can track and better schedule employees’ vacation to improve operational efficiency.

  • System automatically calculates outstanding vacation balance for each employee.

  • System supports an indefinite number of vacation schedules/entitlements (14, 21 days etc.)

  • Employees can request vacation online.

  • System can notify employees in real-time if their vacation is approved or denied.

  • Managers can view outstanding vacation balances by employee, department, or company.

  • Finance can get up-to-date reports on paid & outstanding vacation costs.

  • Approved vacation pay can be processed directly into system payroll.

  • System stores all approved vacation history.

  • Employee Vacation balances can be displayed on pay slips every pay period.

Sick Leave:

  • System records all certified and uncertified sick leave.

  • System automatically calculates outstanding ‘uncertified sickness’ balances for each employee.

  • Using a dashboard, managers can easily track sickness trends and abuses.

  • Approved sick leave can be processed directly into payroll module.

Time Off:

  • System records all time-off taken by employees.

  • Employees can request time-off online and managers can approve/deny these requests.

  • Using a simple dashboard, managers can ensure company time-off policies & guidelines are being adhered.

  • Approved time-off can be processed directly into payroll.

leave manager

Benefits Administration

Acess our easy to use portal and keep track of employees Group Medical, Pension,Gratuity and other benefit plans with ease.

Pension and Gratuity:

  • Managers can track pension and gratuity plan data for employees.

  • System can automatically generate reports on employee and employer contributions.

  • Contributions can be set as percentage of gross salary and/or a fixed deduction amount.

  • Employee deductions can be processed directly into CUBE payroll.

Medical and Group Life:

  • Managers can track medical & group life plans for employees.

  • Managers can track benefit plan changes.

  • Managers can track employee claim requests online.

  • Managers can generate company medical reports.

  • Employee deductions can be processed directly into CUBE payroll.

benefits administration
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